Friday, January 10, 2020

1/10 Whudge, 'Doughnut Hole,' Trump's NEPA, ghost crab traps, OceanGate

A different term for Puget Sound, used by a number of Native Americans and environmental groups, is Whulge (or Whulj), an anglicization of the Lushootseed name x̌ʷə́lč, which means "sea, salt water, ocean, or sound". (Wikipedia)

‘The border is this imaginary line’: why Americans are fighting mining in B.C.’s ‘Doughnut Hole’
Logging permits in the Skagit River headwaters will no longer be issued by the B.C. government but mining exploration is causing friction with Americans downstream. We travelled the river to meet the people fighting an Imperial Metals permit. Christopher Pollon reports. (The Narwhal)

How Trump’s Environmental Policy Rollback Affects The Northwest
A new Trump administration plan to scale back a bedrock environmental law could affect all kinds of projects in the Northwest, including timber sales, hydroelectric dams, and large energy developments like the controversial Jordan Cove liquefied natural gas project with its 235-mile Pacific Connector pipeline. Cassandra Profita reports. (OPB)

How to Exorcise the Ghosts of Crab Traps Past
In New Jersey, crabbers and scientists have found a local solution for a worldwide ghost gear problem. Dani Leviss reports. (Hakai Magazine)

OceanGate raises $18M to build a bigger submersible fleet and set up Titanic trips
OceanGate says it has raised $18.1 million in new investment, laying the financial groundwork for an expansion of its fleet of deep-sea submersibles and setting the stage for dives to the 108-year-old Titanic shipwreck in 2021...This is shaping up as a rebuilding year for the nearly 11-year-old venture, based in Everett, Wash. The main task on the agenda is to build two new submersibles capable of diving as deep as 6,000 meters (3.7 miles), which is more than a mile deeper than the part of the North Atlantic ocean floor where the Titanic is resting. Alan Boyle reports. (GeekWire)

Now, your weekend tug weather--

West Entrance U.S. Waters Strait Of Juan De Fuca-  853 PM PST Thu Jan 9 2020   
 SE wind 30 to 40 kt becoming SW 10 to 20 kt in the  afternoon. Combined seas 6 to 8 ft with a dominant period of  10 seconds building to 10 to 11 ft with a dominant period of  9 seconds in the afternoon. Rain. 
 S wind 5 to 15 kt becoming NE to 10 kt after  midnight. Wind waves 2 ft or less. W swell 10 ft at 10 seconds  building to 12 ft at 12 seconds after midnight. Rain. 
 NW wind 25 to 35 kt becoming W 20 to 30 kt in the  afternoon. Combined seas 17 to 18 ft with a dominant period of  15 seconds building to 20 to 21 ft with a dominant period of  15 seconds in the afternoon. 
 W wind 5 to 15 kt. Wind waves 1 to 2 ft. W swell  15 ft at 14 seconds.
 SW wind 5 to 15 kt becoming W 15 to 20 kt in the  afternoon. Wind waves 1 to 3 ft. W swell 11 ft at 13 seconds.

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