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10/1 Snow goose, South Seattle pollution, BC fish farms, dam removal, 'flushable' wipes, urban deer dollars

Snow goose [Greg Lavaty]
Snow goose Chen caerulescens
A large goose, the Snow Goose occurs in a white or a dark morph. The white morph, the most common, is all white with black primaries. The dark morph, known as the Blue Goose, is extremely rare in Washington and has a dark gray body and white head. Both morphs have orange legs. Juveniles are gray overall with dark legs...There are two subspecies of Snow Goose, the Greater and the Lesser Snow Geese, which vary in size. (BirdWeb)

County faces tough choice on lease for company with checkered environmental past
Seattle’s biggest industrial soot producer is seeking a lease renewal on county-owned land beside a heavily polluted south Seattle neighborhood with a large population of people of color and a documented history of air and water quality problems. It’s a neighborhood where, according to a health study, residents live sicker and die younger than people in whiter and more affluent parts of Seattle, in part because of high pollution levels. Government records show that the glass recycling plant operated by the multinational Ardagh Group near the base of the Highway 99 bridge over the Duwamish River is by far the most prolific single emitter of soot in the Puget Sound region. It sits beside Georgetown and South Park, two neighborhoods with some of Seattle’s biggest concentrations of minorities. Studies have identified it as an area with one of the highest asthma hospitalization rates in King County. Robert McCure and Sergio Olmos report. (Investigate West)

Liberal promise to end open-pen salmon farms in B.C. making waves on East Coast
Canada's aquaculture industry is condemning a Liberal Party campaign promise to phase out open-pen salmon farms in British Columbia as "reckless" and "irresponsible," while a Liberal candidate running for re-election in a salmon farming area in southern New Brunswick is also expressing reservations. Karen Ludwig, who was elected MP for New Brunswick Southwest in 2015, said moving toward closed-containment systems, which involve farming fish in land-based tanks or in pens walled off from the open ocean, "really is a long transition, if that's even going to happen." Paul Withers reports. (CBC)

Concerned over dwindling salmon, advocates seek a political route to dam removal
After decades of court cases that have weakened federal management, the path to restoration may run through Congress. Carl Segerstrom reports. (High Country News/Crosscut)

‘Flushable’ wipes are a messy, expensive environmental problem
Personal wipes: we use them all over the house, car, and garage. We use them on the go, but when we get rid of them, it's causing big problems. Massive pipe clogs, broken sewer pumps, and toxic sewer overflows sometimes. It's hard to calculate exactly how it's costing homeowners and renters in the forms of higher water bills -- but it could easily be in the millions for cities and public works departments all across the country. In Seattle, it costs the city thousands upon thousands of staff hours to deal with this problem. Three or four times every month, crews have to respond to pumps that have stopped working. When they can't get to them in time, it can lead to some big problems. Tim Joyce reports. (KCPQ)

B.C. government distributing $100K for urban deer management programs
Deer may have a gentle and serene reputation, but the reality in some communities in British Columbia is quite different. According to the chair of the Provincial Urban Deer Advisory Committee, the creatures are behind plenty of frightening incidents...CBC News analysis done last year found deer were behind the second highest number of phone calls to conservation officers to report threatening wildlife in a two-year span between 2016-2018. The conservation officer's service received 406 calls about aggressive deer during that time. Rafferty Baker reports. (CBC)

Now, your tug weather--

West Entrance U.S. Waters Strait Of Juan De Fuca-  247 AM PDT Tue Oct 1 2019   
 W wind to 10 kt. Wind waves 1 ft or less. W swell 3 ft  at 15 seconds. 
 W wind to 10 kt. Wind waves 1 ft or less. W swell 3 ft  at 14 seconds.

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