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7/12 Big berg, BC LNG, net pens, Columbia R., Pebble Mine, Canuck the Crow, plant power, KOMO talk

Odhner's dorid [Steve Lonhart]
Odhner's dorid Doris odhneri
Doris odhneri
can be found from Kenai Peninsula, Alaska to Point Loma, California; it is the largest nudibranch on the California coast, measuring up to 20 cm. It is completely white in color with no markings, however anomalies with a yellowish hue have been described in the Puget Sound region. A conspicuous characteristic of this nudibranch is its gill. It is also often referred to as Odhner's dorid to honor Nils Hjalmar Odhner, the scientist it is named after. (Wikipedia)

Giant iceberg splits from Antarctic
One of the biggest icebergs ever recorded has just broken away from Antarctica. The giant block is estimated to cover an area of roughly 6,000 sq km; that's about a quarter the size of Wales. An US satellite observed the berg on Wednesday while passing over a region known as the Larsen C Ice Shelf. Jonathan Amos reports. (BBC)

Proposed LNG project would emit 360 million metric tonnes of CO2, expert warns
An environmental protection group fighting to overturn federal approval of a $36-billion LNG project in B.C. says it will hurt Canada's chance of hitting climate change targets far more than forecast, with a 360 million metric tonnes of CO2 emissions over its lifetime. Earlier this year, a group of international climate change experts spoke out against the Prince Rupert B.C., project, warning it would become one of Canada's top greenhouse gas (GHG) emitters if built, making it impossible for B.C. to meet GHG emissions targets.  Yvette Brend reports. (CBC)

Net Pen Application & Public Hearing scheduled for Clallam County
Al Bergstein writes: "So here we go folks. Your waters, your voice. We have spent hundreds of millions of dollars trying to save and restore wild salmon, now we are expected to trade off the known downsides of net pens for our wild salmon. Net pens are disease vectors, they pollute the waters with feces of millions of fish, and the antibiotics and other drugs that are needed to protect the herded fish from disease. They are a breeding ground for sea lice which then attach themselves to migrating fish from the entire Sound that will passing by the pens. This is an incredibly bad idea that will only profit a small shareholder class and the tiny number of workers employed by them. Is this really what we want? This is your chance to speak out. It’s not happening, “somewhere else.”  This is here in our waters right offshore." Read the legal notice details. (Olympic Peninsula Environmental News)

More natural Columbia River flow would aid Northwest, tribal study says
Allowing the Columbia to flow more like a natural river would help the region financially, bringing hundreds of millions of dollars in benefits to local communities, Northwest tribes say. In a 150-page study, the tribes make a financial case for modernizing dam operations in the Columbia Basin and releasing more water during dry years to aid struggling salmon runs. Even modest changes could add up to $19 billion annually in economic benefits for the region, the study said. Becky Kramer reports. (Spokesman Review)

EPA taking comments on lifting proposed mine restrictions 
The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has taken the first step toward reversing its proposed restrictions on large-scale mining near the headwaters of a major salmon fishery in southwest Alaska. As part of a legal settlement reached in May with the Pebble Limited Partnership, the EPA pledged to initiate a process for withdrawing the proposed restrictions. EPA announced Tuesday that it would hold a 90-day comment period on the intended withdrawal. Becky Bohrer reports. (Associated Press) See also: The Deep Industry Ties of Trump’s Deregulation Teams  Danielle Ivory and Robert Faturechi report. (NY Times)

Caws for celebration: Canuck the Crow lands a paying gig at PNE
IT specialists probably think they’ve heard it all, but Loredana Udovicic has a new one for them: The crow stole my keyboard. Well, not the entire keyboard, but the manager of food and beverage at the Pacific National Exhibition has had to repeatedly ask her IT department for a replacement keyboard after Canuck the Crow flew through an open window into her office and made off with one of the keys…. Canuck has been visiting the PNE ever since he learned to fly a couple of years ago. Staff began treating him like an honorary employee. This year, the Exhibition decided to make him a full-time employee, fitting since tens of thousands of youngsters got their first paying job at the PNE over its 107-year history, according to the fair. Gordon McIntyre reports. (Vancouver Sun)

Plants Turn Caterpillars into Cannibals
It is not unusual for insect pests to feast on each other as well as on their staple veg, but it's now been shown that tomato plants can team up to directly push caterpillars into cannibalism….. Herbivorous pests often turn on each other when their food is of poor quality or it runs out. And some plants are known to affect the behaviour of their pests by making them more predatory towards other species. But until now it was unclear whether plants could directly cause caterpillar cannibalism.  Laura Castells reports. (Scientific American/Nature America)

Coming soon to KOMO: More editorials from ex-Trump official
Seattle, meet Boris Epshteyn. You’re about to see a lot more of him. Epshteyn is many things: a banker, a communications flack for Republican campaigns, a surrogate for President Donald Trump’s campaign and, briefly, a member of his administration. In recent months, he’s become something else: The Senior Political Analyst for Sinclair Broadcast Group — the media giant that owns 170 local news stations nationwide and functions with a widely accepted hard-right lilt. Among those stations is Seattle’s KOMO news. David Kroman reports. (Crosscut)

Now, your tug weather--
West Entrance U.S. Waters Strait Of Juan De Fuca-  304 AM PDT Wed Jul 12 2017  
 W wind 5 to 15 kt. Wind waves 2 ft or less. W swell 3 ft  at 9 seconds.
 W wind 5 to 15 kt. Wind waves 2 ft or less. W swell 3  ft at 10 seconds.

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